13 March 2008

Special issue: Digital manufacturing

International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 14(1/2) 2008
  • The development of desktop e-manufacturing system
  • Collaborative manufacturing process planning for distributed integration in tooling industry
  • Study on Manufacturing Grid and its executing platform
  • The role of paper-nip interactions on electrostatic toner transfer forces in Xerographic printing
  • Design of an agent-based distant and distributed manufacturing control system
  • Finite Element analysis of aluminum tube hydroforming based on non-quadratic yield function
  • Process simulation during the isothermal extrusion of Ti–6.0Al–2.0Zr–1.0Mo–1.0V alloy by 3D FEM
  • Topological expression mode approach of Satellite Gear Mechanism for intelligent CAD
  • Lightweight automotive doors design including material and manufacturing process selection
  • Analysing inspection frequency for wafer bumping process and an empirical study of UNISON decision framework
  • Geometric algorithms for manufacturing of freeform multi-material objects using reconfigurable tools
  • Application of wavelet analysis to BIW assembly quality evaluation
  • Study on PLM-oriented Product Lifecycle Genetic Model
  • Logical interaction between domain knowledge and human cognition in design
  • A robust process optimisation for fused deposition modelling

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