3 March 2008

Call for papers: Sensors in the Information Age

Call for papers: Sensors in the Information Age

A special issue of International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications

The need to monitor, measure, analyse and respond to various phenomena such as temperature, vibration, acceleration, strain, humidity, acidity, visual images, sounds, radiation, etc., is of paramount importance in virtually every area of the modern world - manufacturing, agriculture, construction, healthcare, transportation, defence, meteorology, science, etc.

Recent advances in information and communication technology have enabled the development, implementation and application of new generation of intelligent sensing devices and systems characterised by superior signal and data processing capabilities backed by the explosive growth in computer power and data storage capacity. They can be employed as autonomous units or used as building blocks of medium and large-scale sensing, data processing and control networks. Such networks may include a multiple of embedded (or alternatively external working on-line) processors to simultaneously gather, store and process information from a large number of sensors and other data sources.

There has been increasing interest of science and engineering community to the information age aspects of design, development and applications of the sensing devices, sensor systems and networks. This special issue is our contribution towards addressing this interest.

The special issue focuses on all aspects of design, development, implementation, operation and applications of modern sensing devices, systems and sensor networks with the topics including (but not limited) to:
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Sensor phenomena and modelling
  • Sensor characterisation
  • Smart sensors and sensor fusion
  • Sensor signal processing
  • Sensor information and communication technologies
  • Sensor arrays and sensor networks
  • Vision sensing
  • Electromagnetic sensors
  • Chemical and gas sensors
  • Physical sensors
  • Electronic nose technology
  • Biological sensors
  • Electro-optic sensors and systems
  • Mechanical sensors (inertial, pressure, and tactile)
  • Nano-sensors
  • Acoustic, noise and vibration sensors
  • Wireless sensors
  • Optical sensors
  • Lab-on chip and solid state sensors
  • Applications of sensing devices, sensor systems and networks
We also plan to include into the proposed Special Issue the extended versions of some of the best reports on modern sensing technology and applications presented at the 2nd International Conference of Sensing Technology, which was held in Palmerston North, New Zealand in November 2007.

Important Dates
Manuscript submission: 25 April, 2008
Reviewer reports: 27 June, 2008
Revised paper submission: 8 August, 2008
Final manuscript submission to publisher: 5 September, 2008

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