12 March 2008

Special issue: Advances in data storage systems and technology

International Journal of Product Development 5(3/4) 2008
  • Perspective of read heads for ultra-high recording densities and associated noise issues
  • Perpendicular magnetic recording write head design
  • A review of L10 FePt films for high-density magnetic recording
  • Fabrication of FePt/M (M = C, Ag, Si) nanoparticulate thin films with perpendicular anisotropy
  • Design optimisation of sub-5 nm Head-Disk Interfaces using a two-degree-of-freedom dynamic contact model with friction
  • Slider-disk clearance characterisation and optimisation for high-reliability magnetic hard disk drives
  • Flying height adjustment technologies for high-density magnetic recording
  • Ultrathin carbon coatings for magnetic storage technology
  • Chemical-modification approach for the near contact regime
  • Head wear reduction in future hard-disk drives
  • New approaches to in-contact recording system for high-density recording
  • Flying height calibration with bump disk
  • Flow-induced vibration in Hard Disk Drives
  • Optimal precompensation for nonlinearities in longitudinal magnetic recording using dynamic programming
  • Timing recovery in data storage systems: framework and approach of Kalman filtering
  • R&D activity trend on optical storage technology

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