5 March 2008

Special issue: Entrepreneurship and moral progress

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 6(1) 2008
  • Entrepreneurial wisdom: incorporating the ethical and strategic dimensions of entrepreneurial decision-making
  • Entrepreneurship as wisdom
  • Entrepreneurship: opportunistic or excellent?
  • Opportunity recognition of social entrepreneurs: an application of the creativity model
  • Synergising entrepreneurship, incubated business and socioeconomic upliftment in rural India
  • The entrepreneurial wide boy. A modern morality tale
  • A note on entrepreneurial trust in the Saint-Petersburg region of contemporary Russia
  • The development of environmental responsibility amongst Slovenian SMEs
  • Ethical entrepreneurs: a study of perceptions
  • Women business owners in international trade: ethical issues, response strategies and moral progress
  • How franchiser and franchisee relationships affect franchisees' satisfaction? The importance of fairness, communication and trust as ethical bases of relationship marketing
  • A longitudinal study of the commitment to business ethics of corporate Australia

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