29 March 2008

Special issue: Innovative approach in technology and manufacturing management

International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 14(3/4) 2008
  • Modular and collaborative automation: achieving manufacturing flexibility and reconfigurability
  • A robust scheduling rule using a Neural Network in dynamically changing job-shop environments
  • Six Sigma methodology: an effective tool for quality management
  • Supply chain management for virtual enterprises with adaptive multi-agent mechanism
  • Capacitating ERP through mathematical programming: a case study
  • Study of the EDM process effects on aluminium alloys
  • A conceptual model and an information tool for the establishment of production networks based on small and smallest enterprises
  • A study on integration of process planning and scheduling system for holonic manufacturing with modification of process plans
  • A hybrid-approach to model design and development processes and the evaluation of innovation opportunities
  • Improvement through process integration using a simulative, dynamic method
  • An assessment of recent developments in the finite element software for modelling manufacturing processes
  • Rapid renovation of operational capabilities by ERP implementation: lessons from four Chinese manufacturers
  • Optimisation of cutting conditions in hard turning using ceramic-coated and uncoated PCBN cutting tools
  • Manufacturing facilities layout design using Genetic Algorithm

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