9 March 2008

Special issue: Nanosensors

International Journal of Nanotechnology 5(4/5) 2008
  • The all pervading nanosensors
  • Towards practicable sensors using one-dimensional nanostructures
  • Some recent trends in the fabrication, functionalisation and characterisation of metal oxide nanowire gas sensors
  • Study of defect behaviour in Ga2O3 nanowires and nano-ribbons under reducing gas annealing conditions: applications to sensing
  • Fabrication and characterisation of suspended carbon nanotube devices in liquid
  • Nanomaterial resistive sensors: noise, power, and circuit interfaces
  • Synthesis and characterisation of CZT nanowire arrays for gamma ray detection
  • Analytical simulation of interfacial DNA hybridisation for design of an optimal nanotechnology handheld biosensor

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