26 March 2008

Call for papers: The Internet Channel Affecting Service Sciences

Call for papers: The Internet Channel Affecting Service Sciences

A special issue of International Journal of Technology Management

The Internet channel has significantly affected most business companies since it has been adopted as a communication, trading medium. Those companies which are willing to adopt the Internet channel have enjoyed revenue increases, while those which are not have suffered revenue losses. The objective of this special issue is to highlight this particular aspect of the relationship between the Internet channel and service sciences.

Nowadays the service industry is the most rapidly expanding part of the economies in the United States, and in European and some Asian countries. In the United States, services account for about $7.1 trillion of the U.S. gross domestic product (U.S. Census Bureau, 2007). Service sciences try to understand the phenomena which happen in the service industry. In this context, maintaining the Internet channel effectively and efficiently is a very important issue to both service managers and service scientists who are strongly interrelated with the Internet channel productivity.

This special issue seeks original articles; we prefer case studies of implemented systems or descriptions of innovative technologies, highlighting actual usage results. We also invite papers that focus on sociological approaches for evaluation methods.

Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Internet channel affecting service sciences for the service industry
  • Internet channel conflicts and resolutions in the service science
  • Channels' integration and convergence in the service science
  • Channel knowledge management as a service science
  • Strategic channel usage for the service science
  • Marketing and Internet channels in the service science
  • Service creation and supply through the Internet channel
  • Service channel productivity measurement
  • Evaluation of Internet channel performance
  • Personalization and customization of the Internet channel for the service science
Important Dates
Submission of abstract: 30 June, 2008
Submission of full paper: 31 July, 2008
Feedback from referees: 31 October, 2008
Submission of revised paper: 30 November, 2008
Second round from referees (if applicable): 31 December, 2008
Submission of final revised paper: 31 January, 2009

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