19 December 2018

Special issue published: "Entrepreneurship, Migration, and Family in Peripheral Contexts – Avenues for Growth and Internationalisation"

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 36(1/2) 2019
  • Linking periphery with centre: the liability and usefulness of returnee entrepreneurial firm in home country context
  • Social ties, prior experience, and venture creation by transnational entrepreneurs
  • The role of diaspora entrepreneurs in start-up ecosystem development - a Berlin case study
  • Transnational intrapreneurship: opportunity development in transnational teams in the Nordic periphery
  • The immigrant effect from employer and employee perspectives in a Swedish context
  • Practices in operating a small business in a host community: a social capital perspective of Chinese immigrant entrepreneurship within the South African business context
  • The role of family social capital in immigrants' entrepreneurial opportunity creation processes
  • From the periphery to the centre: start-up and growth strategies for minority diaspora entrepreneurs
  • Refugee entrepreneurship: taking a social network view on immigrants with refugee backgrounds starting transnational businesses in Sweden

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