17 December 2018

Special issue published: "Applied Soft Computing Strategies for Effective Business Data Analytics"

International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining 14(1/2) 2019
  • Effective optimisation of Honda algorithm for rear end collision avoidance system with genetic algorithm
  • Comparison between optimised genetic-based Honda algorithm and Honda algorithm for collision avoidance system
  • A novel multi-class ensemble model based on feature selection using Hadoop framework for classifying imbalanced biomedical data
  • Network affinity aware energy efficient virtual machine placement algorithm
  • Dynamic runtime protection technique against the file system injecting malwares
  • An efficient clustering approach for fair semantic web content retrieval via tri-level ontology construction model with hybrid dragonfly algorithm
  • Knowledge transfer for efficient cross domain ranking using AdaRank algorithm
  • Enhanced R package-based cluster analysis fault identification models for three phase power system network
  • Probabilistic variable precision fuzzy rough set technique for discovering optimal learning patterns in e-learning
  • Enhancing the JPEG image steganography security by RSA and attaining high payload using advanced DCT replacement method and modified quantisation table
  • A fuzzy approach to prioritise DEA ranked association rules
  • BAIT: behaviour aided intruder testimony technique for attacker intention prediction in business data handling
  • A secured best data centre selection in cloud computing using encryption technique
  • Minimal constraint based cuckoo search algorithm for removing transmission congestion and rescheduling the generator units
  • Modelling economic choice under radical uncertainty: machine learning approaches
  • OLAP technology and machine learning as the tools for validation of the numerical models of convective clouds
  • Data cubes retrieval and design in OLAP systems: from query analysis to visualisation tool

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