18 December 2018

Special issue published: "An Italian Contribution to the Analysis of Masonry Structures"

International Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation 4(1/2) 2019
  • Some laser-scanner applications in structural analysis
  • The model of Heyman and the statical and kinematical problems for masonry structures
  • Thrust evaluations of masonry domes. An application to the St. Peter's dome
  • On the analysis of masonry arches
  • Thrust network analysis of masonry vaults
  • On the shape optimisation of the force networks of masonry structures
  • A 2D finite element based on an enriched kinematics for nonlinear analysis of masonry walls
  • Wall structure finite-element by BEM coupling
  • The spandrel of masonry buildings: experimental tests and numerical analysis
  • Lateral torsional buckling of compressed open thin walled beams: experimental confirmations
  • Palazzo Ducale in Parete: remarks on code provisions
  • Seismic vulnerability assessment of churches at regional scale after the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake

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