18 December 2018

Special issue published: "Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics and Their Applications"

International Journal of Power Electronics 10(1/2) 2019
  • LMI based stability analysis of non-linearly perturbed DC motor speed control system with constant and time-varying delays
  • A comparative study of universal fuzzy logic and PI speed controllers for four switch BLDC motor drive
  • Relevance of adaptive protection scheme using phasor measurement unit in Indian power grid
  • A new multi-level inverter with reduced number of switches based on modified H-bridge
  • Three phase PWM converter using PI and fuzzy with hysteresis current controller
  • Design and simulation of bi-directional DC-DC converter with dual switch forward snubber
  • An experimental investigation of scalar control-based induction motor drive using digital signal processor
  • A novel three-phase multilevel inverter structure using switched capacitor basic unit for renewable energy conversion systems
  • Harmonic injection technique-based grid impedance estimation for an LCL-filtered grid connected inverter - an investigation
  • Simulated topology of doubly powered asynchronous motor with diode clamped inverter

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