30 December 2018

Special issue published: "Leveraging Talent Management for Stakeholder Engagement, Leadership Development, and Organisational Effectiveness"

International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management 19(1) 2019

  • Stakeholder engagement in a non-profit organisation: an issue-based perspective
  • The effects of leadership development on women's career success
  • Candidate experience in recruitment cycle facilitating employer brand: a case study of Idea Cellular Limited in the Delhi and NCR circle
  • Managerial autonomy and control at a retail chain store
  • Where does it lead to? Nowhere! Problematic sensemaking concerning commercialisation
  • We do get terribly enthusiastic about everything! Performing emotion rules through parody
  • Cross-culture management: an empirical examination on task and relationship orientations of Japanese and Omani working adults

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