16 December 2018

Special issue published: Computational Techniques, Simulation and Optimisation Applied to Engineering Problems"

International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology 11(1) 2019
  • Artificial neural networks and genetic algorithm modelling and identification of arc parameter in insulators flashover voltage and leakage current
  • Robust load angle direct torque control with SVM for sensorless induction motor using sliding mode controller and observer
  • Multiple description image coding using contourlet transform
  • Channel shortening equaliser through energy concentration for TH-UWB systems
  • Optimisation of brake pedal linkage: a comparative analysis towards material saving using CAE tools
  • Reliability and safety analysis using fault tree and Bayesian networks
  • Finite element analysis of implant design used in elbow arthroplasty process
  • PR-LRU: partial random LRU technique for performance improvement of last level cache
  • Selection of the optimal manufacturing process of CAD/CAM/CNC and conventional machining through engineering workshop experimentation

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