23 December 2018

Special issue published: "Advances in Renewable Energy Systems"

International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology 10(1/2) 2019
  • The effect of non-uniformities in temperature on the performance parameters of an isolated cell photovoltaic module with a compound parabolic concentrator
  • Optimal placement and sizing of DSTATCOM using firefly algorithm in the distribution system
  • Analysis of a heat pump assisted solar water heating system using TRNSYS program
  • General situation of wind energy source in Turkey and wind turbine technologies
  • Theoretical and experimental analysis of glazed serpentine tube flat plate collector for effluent evaporation
  • Power electronic converters without electrolytic capacitors
  • Design and implementation of a prototype hybrid micro grid model for available weather conditions
  • Bioethanol production from sawdust of Colombian pine: conditions and efficiency
Additional papers
  • Modelling and analysis of solar dryer cum water heater through CFD and analytical methods
  • Predictive control of variable speed wind energy conversion chain-based multilevel converters with balanced voltages

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