28 December 2018

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining are now available here for free:
  • Technology in its context - a literature review of the macro and micro levels of business intelligence
  • Multiple object tracking by employing shaped-based features and Kalman filter
  • Understanding urban development types and drivers in Wallonia: a multi-density approach
  • An improved incremental algorithm for mining weighted class-association rules
  • Proposal and examination of the FLAP algorithm
  • Epsilon-fuzzy dominance sort-based composite discrete artificial bee colony optimisation for multi-objective cloud task scheduling problem
  • Frequent pattern sub-space clustering optimisation algorithm for data mining from large database
  • A Tabu Search strategy to solve cell formation problem with ratio level data
  • Efficient hardware architecture for integer implementation of multi-alphabet arithmetic coding for data mining
  • An empirical approach for complexity reduction and fault prediction for software quality attribute
  • Recognition of sign language using image processing
  • Data mining of unstructured big data in cloud computing
  • Detecting and ranking events in Twitter using diversity analysis
  • Developed global biotic cross pollination algorithm for CIS
  • Semantic web service discovery for mobile web services
  • FIRA: focused information retrieval algorithm
  • UPFC damping controller design using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms
  • Survey of various methods for diagnostic signatures for cutaneous melanoma from genetic and imaging data
  • Students search interest model over an organisation based on web log data
  • Performance amelioration of MANETs using cooperative routing with cross-layer design
  • Risk assessment and management in enterprise resource planning by advanced system engineering theory

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