22 December 2018

Special issue published: "Green Mobile Computing for Energy-Efficient Next-Generation Wireless Communication – Part I"

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 12(1/2) 2019

  • VANET routing protocol with traffic aware approach
  • Real time MAF-based multi level access restriction approach for collaborative environment using ontology
  • Reconfigurable communication wrapper for QoS demand for network on chip
  • MMSI: a multi-mode service invocation algorithm to improve the connectivity in accessing cloud services in heterogeneous mobile cloud
  • Malicious node detection through run time self-healing algorithm in WSN
  • Classification of neonatal epileptic seizures using support vector machine
  • A novel approach for secured transmission of DICOM images
  • Preserving security using crisscross AES and FCFS scheduling in cloud computing
  • Binary honey bee mating partial transmit sequence to improve OFDM
  • A survey on internet of vehicles: applications, technologies, challenges and opportunities
  • Radio spectrum collision avoidness in cluster cognitive network through gazer nodes
  • Intelligent intrusion detection techniques for secure communications in wireless networks: a survey
  • Perlustration on existing techniques and applications in cloud computing for smart buildings using IoT
  • Fuzzy rule selection using artificial bee colony optimisation algorithm
  • Image encryption techniques for data transmission in networks: a survey
  • Detecting near-duplicate images using segmented minhash algorithm

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