24 July 2017

Special issue published: "Innovative Mobile Technology"

International Journal of Image Mining 2(3/4) 2017.
  • Dynamic salt generation for mobile data security using elliptic curves against precomputation attacks
  • Analysis on spectrum sensing schemes for cognitive radio networks
  • Efficient routing for low rate wireless network - a novel approach
  • Active resource allocation design for QoS improvement in wireless broadband interworking networks
  • Spectrum sensing for 4G LTE OFDM signals in heterogeneous network using neural network
  • An efficient network selection algorithms in next-generation heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Multilevel watermarking technique for securing multibiometric templates using DTCWT and SVD
  • Performance of Landweber iteration algorithm in tomographic image reconstruction
  • Performance analysis of colour coded multiple access orthogonal frequency division multiplexing visible light communication system
  • Level control of three-tank system using intelligent techniques

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