2 July 2017

Special issue published: "An Alternative Way for Innovation: Re-Questioning Tradition Within Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship"

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 31(3) 2017.
  • Social entrepreneurship and social innovation as a tool of women social inclusion and sustainable heritage preservation: the case of the Sougha Establishment in UAE 
  • Social entrepreneurship, age and gender: toward a model of social involvement in entrepreneurship 
  • Girlz'n the hood: discovering the determinants of social entrepreneurial intention of women in deprived urban areas 
  • A social affair: identifying motivation of social entrepreneurs 
  • Defining social entrepreneurship: a Schumpeterian non-solution 
  • Unveiling the sustainable facet of the conventional entrepreneur - a cognitive approach 
  •  Coordinating technology introduction and entrepreneurial activities in rural areas

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