20 July 2017

Special issue published: "Generative Approaches for Managing Human Capital for Sustainable Growth"

International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management 17(1/2) 2017.
  • Hindering appreciative intelligence® and follower sensemaking through hostile leadership
  • Positive approaches to enhance customer-focused knowledge sharing culture in a financial services organisation
  • Conducting appreciative inquiry in the virtual world
  • The resilience of appreciative inquiry allies: business education sustains the business community
  • Approaches to enhancing communication between healthcare providers and recipients
  • Integrated reporting and its impact on organisational change
  • Managing for results: the US Coast Guard Marine Safety program
  • Innovation, resiliency and transformation: leveraging the strength of older marginalised women
  • Preparing for transformational change: a framework for assessing organisational change readiness
  • Leading with emotional labour: the interplay of six emotions
  • Betrayal of local government whistleblowers: expecting rights and resources, facing harsh realities

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