14 July 2017

Call for papers: "Recent Trends and Developments of Computer Vision and Image Processing"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology.

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field that deals with how computers can be made for gaining high-level understanding from digital images or videos. From the perspective of engineering, it seeks to automate tasks that the human visual system can do. Computer vision is concerned with the automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of useful information from a single image or a sequence of images. Image processing is processing of images using mathematical operations by using any form of signal processing for which the input is an image, a series of images, or a video, such as a photograph or video frame; the output of image processing may be either an image or a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image.

Recent developments of computer vision and image processing technologies have wide applications in human society that make life simpler. This special issue will provide a forum for researchers, industry professionals and academics to present research exploring the recent challenges and advances in computer vision and image processing.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited, to the following:
  • Image/video processing and analysis
  • Image/video formation and display
  • Image/video filtering, restoration, enhancement and super-resolution
  • Image/video coding and transmission
  • Image/video storage, retrieval and authentication
  • Image/video quality
  • Transform-based and multi-resolution image/video analysis
  • Biological and perceptual models for image/video processing
  • Machine learning in image/video analysis
  • Probability and uncertainty handling for image/video processing
  • Motion and tracking
  • Segmentation and recognition
  • Shape, structure and stereo
  • Computational photography and videography
  • Saliency, attention and eye movement in images/videos
  • Biomedical image analysis
  • Geosciences and remote sensing
  • Biometrics
  • Document image analysis
  • Visual multimedia
  • Emerging technologies
  • Image scanning, display and printing
  • Image acquisition and display
  • Image/video compression
  • Face recognition

Important Dates

Manuscripts due by: 20 December, 2017
Notification to authors:25 February, 2018
Final versions due by: 25 April, 2018

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