23 December 2016

Special issue published: "Multimedia and Pattern Recognition Technology in Medicine"

International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication 6(2/3/4) 2016
  • A routing protocol for wireless sensor networks using K-means and Dijkstra algorithm
  • Study on the improvement of the genetic algorithm for prediction of coal and gas outburst risk
  • Study on optimal mathematical model to eradicate Ebola
  • An identification method of D-S evidence conflict based on the measurement factors
  • Clustering-based volume segmentation design
  • Investigating public health through urban form data mining with geographic information system and space syntax
  • Research about recommending books based on hierarchical analysis method and BP neural network
  • Building SVM and PNN optimal classifiers based on GA-PLS algorithm and the application in infrared spectrum
  • An efficient framework for segmentation and identification of tumours in brain MR images
  • Research on sensor fault identification based on improved 1-v-r SVM classification method
  • The evaluation of college students' entrepreneurship ability based on AHP method
  • Liquid phase formation behaviour of magnesia fluxed pellet and impacting on the strength of pellets
  • Application of computer virtual reality technology in virtual tour
  • Collaborative filtering model of book recommendation system
  • Additional paper
  • The decline of BMTV: socio-technical factors that influence the failure of mobile TV in Korea

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