18 December 2016

Special issue published: "Evidence Based Process in Business and Systems"

International Journal of Business and Systems Research 11(1/2) 2017
  • Analysis of suppliers' preferences to a manufacturer using Kano model and performance value analysis
  • Mentoring, social media, and Gen Y employees' intention to stay: towards a conceptual model
  • Identify and prioritise the critical factors in implementing the reverse logistics practices: a case of Indian auto component manufacturer
  • Optimal selection of multi-criteria unequal area facility layout problem: an integer linear program and Borda-Kendall-based method
  • Integrated SA-DEA-TOPSIS-based solution approach for multi objective stochastic dynamic facility layout problem
  • The impact of psychological pricing strategy on consumers' buying behaviour: a qualitative study
  • Long tail vs. blockbusters - a data-driven approach
  • Applying risk-focused e-CAM model for m-commerce: a study of Metro-India
  • Scale efficiency with fuzzy data
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of marketing a tourist destination using satisfaction analysis
Additional papers
  • The importance of information technology as a strategic resource for hospital management process and the management skills required for managers
  • A dynamic routing system for short sea shipping following ship immobilisation

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