17 December 2016

Call for papers: "Future Generation Wireless Networks"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations.

The recent trend of wireless networks communication has triggered an urge for the innovation of new technology called 5G wireless networks that enhances future generation wireless networks. This 5G technology is proposed in order to improve the quality of wireless networks. This innovative technique mainly enhances the lifetime, increases transmission rate and reduces delays.

This wireless technique receives a lot of attention from designers, developers and researchers. Since they have lots of benefits it needs to address certain issues such as networking, device, protocol and interoperability. The main element in the 5G network is the IoT and body sensor communication which enhances the wireless personal networks. Hence a new scalable, low cost and robust techniques infrastructure should be created to support effectively the 5G network.

This special issue mainly solicits on the development of novel techniques for the enhancement of 5G networks and to solve the challenging problems associated with it. It fosters the evolution of wireless networks with certain ubiquitous characteristics.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • 5G networks for IoT
  • 5G networks for sensors communication
  • Network interoperability in 5G wireless networks
  • Performance evaluation of wireless networks
  • 5G networks based quality of service
  • Efficient energy based design and protocols in 5G networks
  • Management of resources in 5G networks
  • Modulation and utilization of spectrum in 5G networks.
  • E-health monitoring using 5G
  • Wireless topologies and architectures for improvement of sustainability
  • Secure protocols and architectures for wireless networks
  • Social network security
  • Power management mechanisms for wireless network
  • Security and performance measure of wireless networks

Important Dates
Manuscripts due by: 2 May, 2017

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