2 December 2016

Special issue published: "Managing Emerging Technologies and Industries in East Asia"

International Journal of Technology Management 72(1/2/3) 2016
  • Differences in science based innovation by technology life cycles: the case of solar cell technology
  • Catch-up strategy of an emerging firm in an emerging country: analysing the case of Huawei vs. Ericsson with patent data
  • Typical modes and characteristics of reverse innovation: a multiple cases study on five enterprises operated in China
  • How can small firms benefit from open innovation? The case of new drug development in Taiwan
  • A study on technological trajectory of light emitting diode in Taiwan by using patent data
  • Roadmapping for industrial emergence and innovation gaps to catch-up: a patent-based analysis of OLED industry in China
  • Establishing a CoPs-based innovation ecosystem to enhance competence - the case of CGN in China
  • The effect of symbiosis strategy on opportunity creation: case study of new ventures in China
  • Strategic transformation through innovation in emerging industry: a case study
  • An assessment of innovation policy in Taiwan's electric vehicle industry
  • The influential factors on the diffusion of smartwatches in Korea

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