8 December 2016

Special issue published: "Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly Technologies for the Future"

International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy 13(1/2) 2017

Extended versions of papers presented at the International Conference on Energy, Environment, Materials and Safety (ICEEMS’14).
  • Modelling and simulation of passive feed direct methanol fuel cell
  • Experimental study on hybrid solar system fitted with special heat exchanger and flat reflectors
  • A dual source switched-capacitor converter with solar energy integration capability
  • Optimisation of hybrid power system connected to single directional grid
  • Implementation of a low cost, compact single stage power converter with reduced bus voltage stress
  • A novel analytical approach for sizing and placement of DG in radial distribution system
  • An investigation on the potential of mud as sustainable building material in the context of Kerala
  • Springback analysis of L-sectioned bar of linear work-hardening materials under torsional loading
  • Computational analysis of subsonic jets from round and bevelled nozzles
  • Impact of coal mining on soil properties and their efficient eco-restoration
  • Separation of pollutants from pulp mill wastewater by electrocoagulation
  • COD and colour reduction of sugar industry effluent by electrochemical treatment

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