1 December 2016

Special issue published: "Advanced Computing in Intelligent Systems"

International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics 4(3/4) 2016

Extended versions of papers presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Computer Vision 2015 (ISCV2015).
  • A multi-objective approach for micro grid energy management based on fuzzy multi-agent decision-making process
  • Energy management in a hybrid PV/wind/battery system using a type-1 fuzzy logic computer algorithm 
  • Intelligent multi-agent system for smart microgrid energy management
  • Optimal intelligent control for a variable-speed wind turbine using general regression neural network and adaptive PSO algorithm
  • An interval type-2 fuzzy logic PSS with the optimal H∞ tracking control for multi-machine power system
  • New air traffic management approach based on expert system and using real-time scheduling algorithms
  • A hybrid optimal weighting scheme and machine learning for rendering sentiments in tweets
  • Object tracking in video via particle filter
  • Beautification and efficiency improvement of 3D modelling with the help of geometric constraints

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