23 April 2016

Special issue published: "New Trends and Findings in Forensic Engineering"

International Journal of Forensic Engineering 3(1/2) 2016
  • Investigation on the 2010 Schola Armaturarum collapse in Pompeii
  • The collapse of a temporary structure
  • Fire investigation on a car park
  • On the role of the numerical analyses in forensic investigations of fire-induced progressive collapses of tall buildings
  • Collapse of corrugated metal culvert in Northern Sardinia: analysis and numerical simulations
  • A framework for NaTech seismic risk assessment in industrial plants
  • Risk analysis for severe traffic accidents in long road tunnels
  • Probabilistic risk analysis of building columns to gas pipeline explosions
  • Seismic risk assessment of an industrial plant struck by the Emilia 2012 earthquakes
  • Durability of GFRP grids for masonry structures

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