5 April 2016

Special issue published: "Exergetic Assessment of Energy Systems"

International Journal of Exergy 19(2) 2016

Extended versions of papers presented at the 7th International Ege Energy Symposium and Exhibition (IEESE7-2014).
  • Analysis and optimisation of a cascade active magnetic regenerative refrigeration system
  • Exergetic performance assessment of an integrated solar energy system
  • Effect of heat leakage on the performance of a twin-spool turbofan engine
  • Exergoeconomic performance investigation of a batch ethylene glycol recovery system
  • Thermodynamic evaluation of CO2 transcritical refrigeration cycle with ejector
  • Exergoeconomic evaluation and optimisation of a novel combined power and absorption-ejector refrigeration cycle driven by natural gas
  • Exergoeconomic analysis and optimisation of a gas-turbine power plant using PSO, GA and fuzzy logic system
  • Experimental investigation on dynamic performance of air-source heat pump water heater using R134a

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