13 April 2016

Special issue published: "Brain Circulation and Transnational Entrepreneurship"

International Journal of Business and Globalisation 16(3) 2016
  • Conceived globals: entrepreneurs' transnational networking, across phases, and embedded in culture
  • Transnational science guanxi: a necessary, but insufficient, condition for Sino-Danish flows of knowledge, talent and capital in genetics
  • Innovation benefitting exporting: benefit enhanced by transnational networking
  • Exporting by migrants and indigenous entrepreneurs: contingent on gender and education
  • The role of family network in circular migration and formation of transnational communities - a Brazilian case study
  • Transnational Iranian entrepreneurs in the import/export industry of Los Angeles
  • Exporting embedded in culture and transnational networks around entrepreneurs: a global study 
  • Migrant women entrepreneurs in the garment industry in modern China: embedding translocality and feminised Guanxi networks
  • Chinese entrepreneurs' human and social capital benefiting innovation: in China and in the Chinese diaspora
  • People's human and social capital benefiting careers in entrepreneurship: adults in China and in the Chinese diaspora

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