7 April 2016

Special issue published: "Intellectual Capital Value Drivers for Organisational Competitiveness"

International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital 13(2/3) 2016
  • How to deal with knowledge in small companies? Defining emergent KM approach
  • An innovative model for a sustainability report in no-profit organisations
  • Building learning capacity by blending different sources of knowledge
  • Intellectual capital - source of competitiveness
  • Social media for the purpose of knowledge creation and creativity management - a study of knowledge workers in Germany
  • Empowering openness: the case of CROs-related innovation networks in the Italian bio-pharmaceutical sector
  • Leadership, learning and organisational culture as antecedents for innovative behaviour: the case of Russia
  • Collaboration with scientific partners: the mediating role of managerial mechanisms
Additional papers
  • The development of adults' entrepreneurial competence for their successful career
  • Testing the relationship between intellectual capital and a firm's performance: an empirical investigation regarding financial industries of Pakistan
  • Investigating the effect of education on women's entrepreneurship

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