12 April 2016

Special issue published: "Applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process in Business and Systems"

International Journal of Business and Systems Research 10(2/3/4) 2016
  • Incorporating clinical knowledge and experience in the evaluation of drug development projects using the analytic hierarchy process
  • Analytic hierarchy process as a tool for group evaluation of healthcare equipment
  • An analytic hierarchy process-based framework to support outsourcing decisions on hospital sterilisation
  • Analysis of telecom service quality factors with analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy extent analysis: a case of public sector unit
  • A new usability evaluation approach for touch screen mobile devices
  • Identifying profitable clientele using the analytical hierarchy process
  • Supplier selection approach: integrating analytic hierarchy process and supplier risk analysis
  • Development of a sustainable manufacturing strategy using analytic network process 
  • A fuzzy AHP-based approach for assessing the faulty behaviour risk at workplace 
  • Multi-criteria approach to assess stakeholders preferences for selection of biodiesel feedstock in Vietnam
  • A fuzzy ANP approach to evaluate computer simulation packages
  • Anticipating the logistics companies' preference on technology adoption: AHP approach
  • Using AHP BOCR analysis for experiential business education and prioritisation of international opportunities
  • Multi-criteria decision analysis of classrooms standardisation in a higher education institution
Additional paper
  • A study on factors that increase customer value when conducting television shopping

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