14 July 2015

Special issue published: "Software Architecture, Evaluation and Testing for Emerging Paradigms"

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 51(4) 2015
  • Runtime testing approach of structural adaptations for dynamic and distributed systems
  • Enhancing applications with cloud services by means of aspects
  • A comparative evaluation of state-of-the-art load and stress testing approaches
  • An approach based on extending the RUP for dealing with anticipated changes in ontogenetic software systems
  • A high-level Petri net based model for web services composition and verification
  • A novel verification model for web services manoeuvring using hybrid automata
  • Favourable test sequence generation in state-based testing using bat algorithm
  • Enhancing Fuzzy Topsis for web service selection
  • Hybrid regression testing technique: based on requirement priorities, fault and modification history
  • Software change impact analysis: an approach to differentiate type of change to minimise regression test selection

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