11 July 2015

Special issue published: "The Internet of Things"

International Journal of Sensor Networks 18(3/4) 2015
  • Energy-efficient multilayer routing protocol for SPMIPv6-based IP-WSN
  • An adaptive neighbour detection scheme for rapid configuration of wireless sensor networks
  • Robust energy-efficient power loading for MIMO system under imperfect CSI
  • On wireless network infrastructure optimisation for cyber-physical systems in future smart buildings
  • Supporting multi-level quality of services in data broadcast systems
  • Enable sustainable sensor networks with non-contact charging: efficient deployment of energy hubs
  • A cross-layer approach to timely responsive transmission under collection tree topology in wireless sensor network
  • A microscope for the data centre
  • Exploiting temporal and spatial variation for WiFi interference avoidance in ZigBee networks
  • Maximise success probability for real-time sensor networks using contention-based protocols
  • Incentive-compatible adaptive-width channel allocation for non-cooperative wireless networks
  • An adaptive power controlled routing protocol for underwater sensor network

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