8 July 2015

Special issue published: "Medical Informatics and Technology"

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology 7(4/5) 2015
  • Model reference fuzzy cascade controller: a novel method for attaining desired mass flow in a wind tunnel
  • Cognitive amalgam with a distributed fuzzy case-based reasoning system for an accurate cardiac arrhythmias diagnosis
  • Experimental investigation on fuzzy-based dynamic PWM controller using FPGA for harmonics and torque ripple minimisation in BLDC motor drive
  • An opposition-based firefly algorithm for medical image contrast enhancement
  • A comprehensive study on image steganography and steganalysis techniques
  • Directional Gaussian filter with variable filtering strength and variable window size for deblocking digital images
  • Efficient hardware implementation of AES algorithm using bio metric key
  • Error estimation of discrete convolution back projection for discrete Radon transform
  • Multi-patterns parameterised matching with application to computational biology
  • RIOT - a tool for estimating the reliability of surveys
Additional papers
  • Multi-level K-means clustering and group sparse coding with quasi-SIFT feature for image classification
  • Multiple scale image segmentation-based multiple scale approximation with support vector machines
  • Different methodology for image steganography-based data hiding: review paper

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