17 July 2015

Special issue published: "Modelling of Advanced Composite Materials (ACM) for Automotive Applications Future Perspectives"

International Journal of Automotive Composites 1(2/3) 2015
  • Computational parametric study of low-velocity impact response of composite cylinder for automotive components
  • Use of cohesive zone models to design automotive bonded joints
  • Prediction of residual tensile strength model after drilling on coconut-husk fibre reinforced plastic by response surface and genetic algorithm
  • Dispersive shear-wave propagation in a periodic layered composite with imperfect interfaces
  • Stress-strain analysis of specimens subjected to tensile loading during moisture uptake
  • A new progressive failure analyses model: development, implementation, parametric study and validation
  • Viscoplastic model analysis about the influence of graphene reinforcement in poly (lactic acid) time-dependent mechanical behaviour
  • Robust design of multimodal shunt circuits for vibration attenuation of composite structures 
  • A numerical/experimental procedure for the assessment of the crash response of composite structures

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