26 February 2015

Special issue published: "Bio-Energy, Economics and Policy"

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 37(5/6) 2014
  • GHG balance of biodiesel production and consumption in EU
  • The impact of biodiesel policy over raw material acquisition: a study about Brazilian Biodiesel National Programme
  • European biodiesel market and rapeseed oil: what impact on agricultural food prices?
  • The potential of green gas in the Dutch transport sector
  • Analysis of competitiveness of a dairy property through reverse logistics: a case study
  • Energetic, environmental and economic potentialities of the anaerobic treatment of rice straw for the case of the Cuban enterprise 'Sur del J√≠baro'
  • Ordered weight averaging multicriteria procedure and cost-effectiveness analysis for short rotation forestry in the Basilicata region, Italy
Additional papers
  • Green transportation: need, technology and challenges
  • China's regional carbon emission intensity decomposition system

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