23 February 2012

Special issue: The enterprise risk management of insurance firms

International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance 4(1) 2012

Papers from a conference held at EDHEC Business School, Lille, 17 May 2011, co-organised by the International Centre for Financial Reportin.
  • Managing risk to reputation – a model to monitor the key drivers. A key to long term solvency for insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Internal and external drivers for risk taking in UK and German insurance markets
  • Enterprise risk management in financial intermediation

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krupa shah said...

Insurance articles are abundantly complex, admitting their abundant regulation. Financial articles are about of two types —high-risk, area the allotment cannot be predicted in any reasonable manner, and low-risk, area the acknowledgment is either affirmed or defined (the accident is in whether the agent will go bust).

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