18 February 2012

Call for Papers: Social Networking and Education as a Catalyst for Social Change

A special issue of International Journal of Web Based Communities

One of the most recent evolutions based upon the Internet is social networking. This new technology was introduced to facilitate communication, collaboration, contribution, creativity and interaction among individuals and groups. Social networking is part of standard Internet facilities such email, browsing and blogging.

Social networking provokes new types of communication, collaboration, participation and innovative transaction formats between consumers, stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, universities and health departments. However, even more so, it has created new challenges for sectors such as education and health.

Social networking can potentially create a catalytic movement in the education sector, as it allows teachers to learn among themselves and experts in a more natural way than was possible before. This special issue aims at articulating recent trends in social networking among stakeholders in the education sector.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Social networking and Web 2.0 integration into e-learning
  • E- learning and social networking
  • Web 2.0 and learning
  • Relationship between social networking and education
  • Social networking in higher education
  • Social networking websites in academia
  • Social networking opportunities in teaching
  • Social networking technologies in higher education
  • Social and collaborative learning
  • How to make e-learning work in higher education
  • From e-learning to social learning
  • Future e-learning in 21st century
Important Dates
Deadline for submission: 30 June, 2012
Acceptance notification: 1 August, 2012
Submission of revision:  1 September, 2012
Final notification of acceptance: 15 October, 2012


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