18 February 2012

Special issue: Application of operations research techniques in engineering management

International Journal of Advanced Operations Management 3(3/4) 2011

Papers from the  International Conference on Operations Research Applications in Engineering Management (ICOREM), held in Tiruchirapalli, India, 27–29 May 2009.

See also International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling 2(2) 2010
  • An automated crime pattern detection using k-means clustering
  • A multi-agent based approach for dynamic multi-project scheduling
  • Application of ANN in non-life insurance industry
  • Optimal allocation of promotional resource for multi-product in segmented market for dynamic potential adopter and repeat purchasing diffusion models
  • Heuristic algorithms for scheduling a heat-treatment furnace of steel-casting foundry manufacturing
Additional papers
  • Ranking of different common set of weights models using a voting model and its application in determining efficient DMUs
  • A comparison of simulation and metamodelling approaches for production rate determination
  • A heuristic approach to scheduling jobs in machining centres equipped with automated pallet changers
  • Measuring efficiency of just in time implementation using a fuzzy data envelopment analysis approach: real case of Iranian dairy industries

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