3 February 2012

Special issue: Energy management and resources: Part one

International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy 7(5/6) 2011

Papers from the InternationalConference on Thermal Energy and Environment (INCOTEE 2011) held Tamil Nadu, India, 24–26 March 2011.
  • Performance evaluation of locality-based compact solar refrigeration system
  • Automation of energy management system in Rourkela steel plant: a case study
  • Performance and energy analyses of a diesel engine fuelled with Koroch seed oil methyl ester and its diesel fuel blends
  • Effects of injection timing on the performance and emissions of a diesel engine fuelled with diethyl ether blended thevetia peruviana biodiesel
  • Exergy analysis of gas turbine – solid oxide fuel cell-based combined cycle power plant
Additional Papers
  • Selection and economical evaluation of solar desalination technologies via DesalSolar software
    The performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine using preheated Kusum oil and Kusum diesel blend
    Technological innovations and energy intensity of machine tool SMEs in Bangalore: do process innovations contribute to energy efficiency?

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