6 February 2012

Special issue: Digital service ecosystems

International Journal of Electronic Business 9(5/6) 2011

Includes papers from the International ACM Conference on Management of Emergent DigitalEcoSystems (MEDES 2009) held in Lyon, France, 27-30 October 2009.
  • Integrated Service Engineering workbench: service engineering for digital ecosystems
  • An ecosystem for user centric learning: Revolution or evolution?
  • A pervasive environment for systemising innovative services in knowledge-intensive firms
  • Evaluating success factors of selling practices in electronic marketplaces
  • Towards a RESTful infrastructure for Digital Ecosystems
  • A performance comparison of four WSRF implementations
Additional Papers
  • Disintermediation in the tourism industry: an investigation of Thai tourism SMEs
  • Managing e-contracts in a supply chain

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