23 February 2012

Special issue: Economic approaches to sport management – European perspectives

International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing 11(1/2) 2012

Papers from the 2nd European Conference in Sport Economics held in Cologne, Germany, 5-6 October  2010.
  • The value of human resources in non-public sports providers: the importance of volunteers in non-profit sports clubs versus professionals in for-profit fitness and health clubs
  • Understanding the income determinants of German elite athletes in non-professionalised sports
  • The institutional framework for doing sports business: principles of EU competition policy in sports markets
  • Why does financial regulation matter for European professional football clubs?
Additional Papers
  • A theoretical model of the potential impact of diversity cultures on individual level outcomes
  • How athletes build their brands
  • From laconophilia to 'The Sportan': balancing athletic excellence, sponsorship, branding and career prospects

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