10 February 2012

Call for Papers: Managing Services in the Knowledge Economy

A special issue of International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development

Managing services effectively and efficiently and attracting and retaining human capital is a high priority for economic development stakeholders in the knowledge economy. The goal of this special issue is to:
  • provide a substantial contribution, either conceptual or empirical, to the areas of knowledge management (KM) and knowledge-based development (KBD) in terms of the improvement and refinement of theories, approaches, methodologies, tools, techniques and applications in order to replicate, support and challenge existing studies
  • offer new applications of existing theory and approaches to drive organisations, regions and societies towards a better understanding of KBD.
Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  •  KM and KBD in the service economy:
  •  Knowledge sharing and transfer in the services economy
  •  Knowledge creation and renewal in the services economy
  •  KM the in healthcare industry
  •  Differences in the implementation of KM principles in the public and private sectors
  •  KM and KBD effectiveness:
  •  Strategies for managing knowledge and promoting KBD effectively
  •  Structural, technological and cultural determinants of effective KM and KBD
  •  Benefits/consequences of KM and KBD
  •  Measuring KBD effectiveness
  •  Case studies on the efficacy of policies from different levels of government to improve management of services in the knowledge economy
  •  Relearning and unlearning
  •  Influence of ICT and/or knowledge management systems (KMS)
  •  Effects of unlearning and relearning
  •  Human resource management practices for unlearning and relearning
Important Dates
Abstract submission deadline: 30 March, 2012 (by email)
Selection of abstracts: 15 April, 2012
Full papers submission: 1 July, 2012
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 30 September, 2012
Final paper submission: 30 October, 2012

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