24 February 2012

Call for Papers: Rich and Real-Life Vehicle Routing Problems

A special issue of International Journal of Advanced Operations Management

Vehicle routing problems (VRPs) have been extensively studied by researchers and practitioners during the last decades. Being complex problems with numerous and relevant potential applications, researchers from the fields of computer science, operations research and industrial engineering have developed very efficient algorithms, both of exact and approximate nature, to deal with different types of VRPs.

However, most of these methods are still far from being tremendously applicable to real-life scenarios, either because they are too complex to be implemented in practice without the direct support of the experts who developed them, or because they solve only an oversimplified version of a realistic routing problem.

This special issue aims at collecting recent works related to the development of efficient yet relatively simple algorithms that can be employed in practice to solve realistic VRPs with non-standard objective functions and/or constraints, as well as case studies regarding the applications of existing methods to solving real-life VRPs.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Heterogeneous VRPs
  • Stochastic VRPs
  • Multi-depot VRPs
  • VRPs with multiple driving ranges
  • Inventory routing problems
  • Green VRPs
  • Online VRPs
  • Computer issues in rich VRPs
  • VRPs with non-smooth objective functions
  • VRPs with soft constraints
  • Real-life applications of vehicle routing
  • VRPs with asymmetric costs
  • Integration of GIS technologies and VRPs
  • Simulation-based algorithms for VRPs
  • Software for realistic VRPs
Important Date
Submission deadline: 15 December, 2012

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