24 January 2011

Special issue: Nanotechnology in Vietnam

International Journal of Nanotechnology 8(3-5) 2011
  • TiO2/Co nanomaterials: synthesis and properties
  • A comparative study on the NH3 gas-sensing properties of ZnO, SnO2, and WO3 nanowires
  • Synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes and diamond films on Cu substrates for use in high-power electronic devices
  • Enhancing the performance of organic light emitting diodes by using nanostructured composite films
  • Effect of reaction temperature and ligand concentration on the shape of CdSe nanocrystals
  • Metallic nanoparticles: synthesis, characterisation and application
  • Perovskite nanoparticles synthesised by reactive milling combined with thermal processing: preparation, morphology and structure characterisation
  • Novel nano-structured materials: synthesis and application
  • Microstructure of La0.7Sr0.3Mn1xZnxO3 nano-perovskites investigated by electron microscopy technique
  • Novel silver nanoparticles: synthesis, properties and applications
  • Application of ultrasound for nanomaterials synthesis
  • Electrochemical biosensor for glucose detection using zinc oxide nanotetrapods
  • SrTi1xNixO3 nanoparticles: synthesis and characterisation
  • Study on fabrication and photoluminescence of SiC nanorods synthesised by carbothermal reduction
  • Luminescent nanomaterials containing rare earth ions for security printing
  • Optical properties of normal and 'giant' multishell CdSe quantum dots for potential application in material science
  • Porous silicon as a promising material for photonics
  • Behaviour investigation of hematite nanorods synthesised by hydrothermal method use in hydrogen fuel storage
  • Immobilising of anti-HPV18 and E. coli O157:H7 antibodies on magnetic silica-coated Fe3O4 for early diagnosis of cervical cancer and diarrhoea
  • Magnetic nanoparticles: study of magnetic heating and adsorption/desorption for biomedical and environmental applications

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