7 January 2011

Call for papers: Advances in Rapid Manufacturing of Processes and Materials

A special issue of International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation

Rapid manufacturing solutions have transformed over the centuries from black art to science, but their impact upon the process responsible for changes in metallurgical, mechanical properties (e.g. surface finish, hardness, dimensional stability, etc.) is still disputed. The aims of this special issue are to highlight advances in rapid manufacturing processes and materials, and to address prominent reasons for improving the properties of materials involved in rapid manufacturing processes.

The issue invites the submission of high quality research articles related to advances in rapid manufacturing of processes and materials. It encourages submissions from all over the world which expand the frontiers of the fundamental theories and concepts underlying materials and manufacturing processes.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Materials and their behaviour during rapid manufacturing
  • Ferrous, non-ferrous alloys, polymers, ceramics and glasses, composites, special materials, etc. Microstructure and mechanical properties, heat treatments, material selection, etc.
Rapid casting processes
  • Hybrid sand casting, pressure die casting, investment casting, continuous casting, shell moulding, vacuum sealed casting, high speed casting, injection moulding, etc.
Rapid moulding processes
  • SLS , FDM, 3DP, silicon moulding, polyjet printing etc.
Modelling and optimization of rapid manufacturing processes
  • Statistical analysis
  • Response surface methodology
  • Taguchi’s robust design method, fuzzy set theory based modelling
  • Finite element modelling/simulation
Important Date
Submission: 30 September, 2011

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