9 January 2011

Special issue: Advances in waste engineering and management: Part one

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 13(3/4) 2010
  • Leaf composting in cold climates: a theoretical and an experimental evaluation
  • Self-sustained vermicomposting plant at municipal solid waste generation point
  • Assessment of major solid wastes generated in palm oil mills
  • Policy interventions needed to manage bacterial build-up in municipal effluent irrigated agroforestry plantations
  • Performance of soil and compost mixture in leachate purification at intermediate cover soil of tropical landfill
  • MSW management strategies for the city of Rome: a comparative assessment
  • Evaluating financial aspects of municipal solid waste management in Mysore City, India
  • Enhancing the hydrolysis step in anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste using rumen fluid
  • Dual role of hydrolysis coefficient in modelling of bioreactors
  • Comparative study on treatment of kitchen-sink wastewater using single and multichannel ceramic membrane
  • Physico-chemical characteristics of leachate from a common hazardous waste disposal facility in South India
  • GHG emissions: an assessment at municipal solid waste disposal site in Indore, India
  • Sludge composting, sludge pretreatment and radiation technology: a review

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