26 January 2011

Special issue: Nanotechnology and advanced materials – Part II

International Journal of Nanoparticles 4(1) 2011

Further papers from the International Conference in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (ICNAM 2009) held in Bahrain, 4–7 May 2009.

See also International Journal of Nanoparticles 3(3) 2010
  • Structural properties of ferric pseudobrookite Fe2Ti1O5 powder prepared by a new method
  • Synthesis and characterisation of ZnO/PVA composite nanofibres by electrospinning
  • Structure and magnetic properties of mechanically milled Pb3O4-Fe2O3 mixture
  • A green and an environmentally benign route to prepare Cu2O nanocrystals and their potential applications
  • Nano-sized agglomerated Ni particles synthesised by a phase transformation method
  • Solid state amorphisation of mechanically alloyed Fe-Co-Nb-B alloys
  • Photocatalytic removal of hazardous dye from water using nanostructured WO3
Additional Papers
  • Chemical route synthesis dependent particle size of Mn activated ZnS nanophosphors
  • Inserting of strontium during coating of hydroxyapatite compound on titanium substrate

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