2 January 2011

Special issue: Media computation and system modelling

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 12(1/2) 2011
  • Simulation system design of a small-scale unmanned helicopter
  • Modelling and control system design of a small-scale unmanned helicopter
  • A quick moving target detection method based on real-time airborne videos
  • Time-dependent pheromones and electric-field model: a new ACO algorithm for dynamic traffic routing
  • An adaptive immune algorithm based on the endocrine regulation mechanism for scheduling problems of flow shop with zero wait
  • Fuzzy system identification based on support vector regression and genetic algorithm
  • Non-linear modelling of drum-boiler-turbine unit using an evolving Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model
  • An improved multi-objective particle swarm optimisation algorithm
  • Studies of the working characters of the aerial vehicle's safety control system
  • Study and realisation of a fast building algorithm of coherence cube
  • Logo recognition based on membership degree and closeness degree of fuzzy sets
  • Robust and automatic segmentation of a class of fuzzy edge images
  • Pharmaceutical crystal shape control based on online image processing and multi-scale modelling
  • Inductive data mining: automatic generation of decision trees from data for QSAR modelling and process historical data analysis
  • Intelligent animal fibre classification with artificial neural networks
  • Intelligent personalised information retrieval system based on multi-agent
  • Immune clonal selection algorithm for target coverage of wireless sensor networks
  • A pyramidal trust computing model for peer-to-peer networks inspired from social network
  • Healthcare information system: building a cyber database for educated decision making
  • Modelling and analyses of WSN-based pursuit-evasion strategies for multi-pursuers to multi-evaders
  • Dynamic modelling of the laser tracking gimbal used in a laser tracking system
  • Error analysis of robot detecting system with laser sensors in unknown environment
  • Sliding mode variable structure control of mobile manipulators
  • On the control of the liquid pouring process using cooperative manipulators
  • Real-time compensation control for hysteresis and creep in IPMC actuators

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