2 January 2011

Special issue: Nanoscience and nanotechnology: recent advances, trends and challenges

International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation 2(1) 2011
  • A study of densification of 40wt.% Ni-Fe nanopowder prepared by mechanical alloying and sintered by SPS apparatus
  • Influence of nano-level variation of solid lubricant particle size in the machining of AISI 1040 steel
  • A facile method for the fabrication of hierarchical porous nanocrystalline zeolite silicalite-1
  • 3D Corporate Tourism: a concept for innovation in nanomaterials engineering
  • Modelling and analysis of nanodevices using a molecular dynamics simulator
  • Model of reactive sputtering process in deposition of TiAlN coating
  • Photocatalytic degradation of reactive orange 16 dye over Au-doped TiO2 in aqueous suspension

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